Psychic Readings

You know a Psychic Reading is right for you if you have 2-7 questions on a range of topics.

Chakra Readings

Book a Chakra Reading if you’d like each of your energy centers read and have 0-2 questions.

Love Readings

You know a Love Reading is right for you if all of your questions have to do with relationships.

Health Readings

You know a Health Reading is right for you if you want to only focus on what is going on with your health.


Not sure which type of reading to book?

“Despite my low-grade anxiety, as soon as I saw Betsy’s smiling face, I knew everything was going to be absolutely fine. What occurred was a truly supernatural experience beyond my wildest dreams!”

Gala Darling



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Cool! Just head over to There you’ll find out more about her story, you’ll find Intuition Classes, as well as how to sign up for a private Breathwork Session.


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