Are you familiar with the stereotype of the swindling sidewalk psychic? You know, the one who says you’re cursed, but that they can remove the curse over the course of several (costly) sessions, or through the purchase of an expensive object of protection. While the majority of psychics may not be so manipulative, it still stands that not all psychics honor the best interest of their clients.

So how do you determine whether a psychic is acting in your best interest? It may seem obvious, but any psychic that incites fear is not aiming to empower you, and should, therefore, be avoided. Anyone that “gets you” with some actual psychic information, and then provokes fear in order to keep you coming back for more, does not have your best interest in mind. These sort of fear-based tactics prey on peoples’ vulnerabilities and disempower the individual, creating dependence.

Reputable psychics will…

  • Have a waiting list or schedule all readings in advance

  • Charge you only the amount agreed upon ahead of time

  • Focus on empowerment by giving you accurate information without instilling fear

  • Not try to sell you things in order to prevent evil or bad things from happening to you

  • Never try to convince you to get a reading by first telling you things for free

  • Have reviews posted by real clients on a reputable third-party website like Google+

  • Limit the number of visits a client can have in a given year, to avoid co-dependency

The Importance of Empowerment

In my work, empowerment is of utmost importance. I take every possible measure to ensure that my clients walk away from their reading ready to face their life and any challenges that may lie ahead. It’s not uncommon that I have to deliver hard-to-hear information, but what matters is what I do with that information and how I convey it.

Before becoming a full-time psychic medium, I spent a decade in social work, learning how to communicate difficult issues with clients. So now, during a reading, I use these skills to compassionately communicate the tough stuff. I offer clients a broader perspective of their situation and give personalized exercises designed to help them overcome life’s challenges while highlighting the good that grows out of life’s inherent struggles.

Shift Your Energy, Change Your Future

I’m not the sort of psychic who will simply tell your future. Truth be told, just knowing your future isn’t really all that helpful. Your future is based on your current trajectory and can be read from your current energetic state. What I do is assess your current energetic state and illustrate what your future holds if you continue on your current path.

For most clients, their current path is not in alignment with their true goals and desires. They may have an idea of where they want to be, but may not know how to get there. This is where I step in and offer practices that can help them shift into a more harmonious balance that’s in alignment with their deeper nature. I like to call it an energy makeover. My husband calls it resetting the compass. Abraham Hicks calls it getting in the vortex. And when you get in the vortex, your life begins to flow in the direction of your desires.

DIY: Learn to Do it Yourself

But it doesn’t stop there. Many of my tools and exercises are designed to build your intuitive intelligence to empower you to tune into what your soul is saying. My goal is to teach every client to learn how to do what I do for themselves! It’s actually possible to do it yourself. Each and every one of us has the capacity to be deeply intuitive, we just need to take the first step and learn to recognize the messages constantly streaming from our intuition.

Continued Support

I only allow clients to receive a maximum of two readings per year. Any more than that, and co-dependence can develop. But when clients are seeking continued support, and are willing to look inward and do the work, I do offer help. I won’t read for them over and over again, instead I’ll guide them through the process of learning to do it for themselves. You can hone their skills in a group setting during my 6-week course, Trust Yourself: Intuitive Development Through Awareness. This unique workshop gives students a chance to learn and practice with other like-minded individuals under my guidance as a facilitator. It’s amazing to see the progress and transformation that happens when a group of committed seekers builds their intuitive intelligence together for 6 weeks.

Go With Your Gut

If you’re looking for a psychic, I invite you to drop into your gut and feel into what it is that you truly need right now. If a reading is the answer, and you are resonating with my approach, then I would direct you to book a reading. If you’re having trouble feeling into your intuition, then maybe some of my free resources on the blog are a better first choice. But if you’re ready to dive deep and get some one-on-one guidance in further developing your intuition to help you get over life’s hurdles, you can book a free coaching evaluation to help determine if a coaching package is right for you at this time.