Betsy only reads people’s energy when she has permission to do so. As a paying client, you have given her permission to read YOUR energy.

Even if you have gotten permission from another person, Betsy will not look into their life/energy. Each person must book their own appointment and ask their own questions.

Just as she would not want someone like an ex-lover or even her mother going to a psychic and asking about HER life, she will not do this for other people.

It is understandable as to why someone might want to look into another’s energy, however this is crossing a psychic boundary and is actually call Psychic Spying. There are plenty of Psychic’s out there who will answer these types of questions, however Betsy is not one of them.

Suggestion: Find another Psychic* to work with.

*We do not recommend asking these types of questions, therefore we have no recommendations for Psychics who do.